Damage Claim Process

  1. MBcare App Free Mobile Insurance Definition of Accidental / Liquid damage: This refers to loss to customer’s mobile handset due to accidental / liquid damage.
  2. In case of accidental and liquid damage to the device screen, Customer is required to generate claim by logging into to mbcareapp.com/claim within 48 hours of discovering the damage. Any delay in raising the claim beyond the said period of 48 hours will result in the claim being refused.
  3. After generating CIN Claim Identity No user can get his Smartphone screen repaired from the brand authorised service center.
  4. After satisfactory repair the User will have to upload the final repair bill issued by the Brand Authorised Repair Centre (Brand Authorised GST Paid Invoice) in the MBcare App in the Claim Section.
  5. Free Mobile Insurance claim will be settled within 24 hours and the claim amount shall be transferred into the Paytm wallet of the user immediately on settling of the claim.